How to edit WordPress footer content from Artisteer

If you designed your WordPress theme using Artisteer as template builder, then you might have run into the problem where you can’t easily edit the footer content.

Click here to read how to edit the Artisteer generated Header and Footer content. Or continue reading to understand the context.

I am using Artisteer, but judging from forum posts on the Artisteer forums, this problem has existing on earlier versions.

WordPress themes use something called a Widget to add extra functionality to your website, like a website footer which is the same on all pages. The advantage of this is that you can edit a single WordPress Post, and all pages will get the update immediately. Another advantage is that when you change your WordPress theme, the widget content will remain on your “new website”. Generally people add contact information, and company related links like “Terms of Service” / “FAQ”  / “Delivery Information” / etc to the footer area.

So, why did the developers of Artisteer decide not to use the WordPress Widget functionality? That’s a good question! Instead, they have decided that header, side-bar and footer content be hard-coded into the theme itself. This means that when you change your theme, all those extra content is gone!

How to edit the Artisteer generated Footer or Header content:

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin area.
  2. Click on Themes > Editor. This will open up a text editor
  3. Now edit the following files as needed:
    • sidebar-header.php – Header content, where you normally have your Facebook / Google+ / etc links
    • sidebar-footer.php – Footer content, like your contact details and “Copyright” information
  4. Once edited, and saved, refresh your website and you will see the changes.


At this stage I want to suggest that it would be much better to remove all the Artisteer generated content from your footer, and put it into Widgets instead

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